Texas Liquor License Consultants

We Help You With TABC Liquor Licenses and More in Dallas, TX
Getting your TABC Liquor License and other permits from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) can feel like a real pain in the neck. The entire process can seem overwhelming and if you don’t know what you're doing, a mistake on a form or filing the wrong application can cost you time and money.

That’s why you need a Liquor License consultant in Dallas, TX who has the experience and the knowledge of all the ins and outs of the entire TABC Liquor License process as well as which, if any additional alcohol permits you may need. Here at LaBarba Permit Service, we have been building relationships with local authorities for over 50 years. Our understanding of the local area also means we know specific zoning in Dallas and which areas are dry and which are wet.

Liquor License Consultant Services in Dallas, TX

Our five decades of experience as Liquor License Consultants here in Dallas means we truly know how the system works and how to help you get your liquor license or other permits from the TABC quickly and efficiently while providing you with flawless and personalized service. At LaBarba Permit Service we help you know which alcohol licenses and other permits you need in a turn-key process. We can help you with any TABC LIquor License and liquor permit application, as well as other licenses and permits including:

  • Agent’s Permits
  • Airline Beverage Permits
  • ATF Registrations
  • Beverage Cartage Permits
  • Brewer’s Permit
  • Caterer’s Permit
  • Certificates of Occupancy
  • Lottery Licenses
  • Manufacturer’s Permits
  • Private Club Permits
  • Cigarette Licenses
  • Dance Hall Licenses
  • Distiller’s Permits
  • Food and Beverage Certificates
  • Health Permits
  • Late Hours Permits
  • Retail Dealer’s Permits
  • Sales Tax Permits
  • And More

The TABC and other state agencies have over 70 possible required permits when it comes to getting a liquor license or permit to sell alcohol in Dallas, TX. At LaBarba, we bring you services from an experienced family operated, Dallas, TX company who truly cares about helping you obtain your TABC Liquor License. Let us help you get yours. Contact LaBarba Permit Service today.


LaBarba Permit Service: Cutting Red Tape Since 1965℠

Since 1965, LaBarba Permit Service has obtained thousands of liquor permits for a wide range of convenience and grocery stores, pharmacies, lounges, bars, restaurants, taverns, breweries, and dance halls. The LaBarba staff has the knowledge, experience, and strong working relationship with the TABC necessary to sucessfully acquire your permit.


Dance hall licenses must be renewed with the city each year.

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