FAQs: Texas Liquor Licensing & Permits

Why should I use LaBarba Permit Service instead of applying for a permit by myself?
If you’ve looked at the TABC website, then you’ve probably realized that obtaining a liquor license involves a great deal more than just filling out some forms. Between having to navigate layers of bureaucracy and struggling to decipher all the legal jargon, the process seems engineered to cause frustration. LaBarba Permit Service takes the stress out of the experience by identifying and anticipating issues before they derail your entire application. Our proactive approach provides you with instant feedback and helps clear confusion as we cut through the red tape for you.
How long does the application process take?
On average, when working with us it takes approximately two months to obtain a permit. While various unique issues could potentially arise during the application process, we carefully monitor your submission and will be prepared to promptly address any problems identified by the TABC.

Note that all the relevant local law and code issues must be resolved before you submit your application, including a Certificate of Occupancy and proper zoning. Any land use matters will be referred to our sister company, Masterplan.
What is the advantage of using LaBarba Permit Service over other competitors?
In addition to the experience gained through 50 years in business, our family-owned company emphasizes prompt attention to detail, strong working relationships with the TABC and local officials, and strict confidentiality. We process applications quickly and submit all documents in person to avoid any uncertainty.
Can you help me renew my TABC permit?
Absolutely – we’re happy to assist with biennial alcohol license renewals, as well as renewals for any other permit listed on our SERVICES page. If you are a current client, we will contact you when your license is up for renewal and ensure that all the required documents are submitted well ahead of the deadline. We closely track expiration dates to make sure you don’t get hit with late fees or lose your license to sell alcohol.
Is it still true that my restaurant can give away wine and beer in a dry area as long as I don't offer it for sale?
While it is still legal in Texas to "bring your own bottle" (BYOB), the practice is subject to abuse and does not alter your business’ legal liability. As the establishment owner, you have the final say, but you should check with a local attorney and TABC enforcement.
Can LaBarba help with zoning approvals, obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy, and other land use issues?
Yes. Using the experienced staff and broad resources of our sister company, Masterplan, we can work to ensure that your establishment complies with all necessary county, city, and state requirements.

For more information about the land use credentials of Masterplan, please click here.

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