Texas Alcohol, Beer & Wine Licensing

Alcohol License
Anyone wishing to manufacture, distribute, sell, or allow consumption of wine, beer, or liquor in the state of Texas must apply for the proper permit from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

The first step is determining which type of alcohol license you need, but as you can see if you visit our GLOSSARY, selecting the right permit from more than 70 choices can be overwhelmingly complicated. Fortunately, LaBarba Permit Service is here to help you make sense of it all.
Assumed Name
Establishments must file the name they are doing business as (DBA) with the county. Required to re-file every 10 years.
ATF Registration
Anyone with a TABC permit must be registered with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). There is no fee for this registration, and no need to re-file.
Certificate of Occupancy
A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) serves as a license to do business at a specified location within city limits. Obtaining a CO involves city inspections of a building's structure, plumbing, and electrical systems.

A CO permit is valid for as long as your business operates in that permitted location. COs do not require a renewal.

For the many permits and licenses that require annual or periodic renewal, LaBarba Permit Service can be a helpful business ally.
Cigarette License
Required to sell cigarettes. Issued by the state, and must be renewed every two years.
Code Compliance / Zoning
In conjunction with our sister company, Masterplan, we can work with government entities to ensure zoning and code compliance as they relate obtaining necessary land use permits.

For a link to Masterplan, click here.
Dance Hall License
Required to authorize dancing at an establishment. Issued by the city, and must be renewed every year. Note that sexually oriented businesses (SOB) must file for a different type of permit (SOB license).
Health Permit
Required for all establishments that provide any sort of food or drink service (including unsealed fountain drinks, any place with ice, or where citrus is sliced for garnish, etc.) city inspection is required by state law.

The health permit must be renewed every year.
Late Hours Permit
Any establishment wishing to remain open from 2-4 a.m. must obtain a late hours permit from the Permit License Appeal Board (PLAB). Note that alcohol service still must end at 2 a.m. as per TABC regulations.
Lottery License
Required to sell lottery tickets. Issued by the state, and must be renewed every two years. Cannot be obtained by any establishment that holds a TABC permit authorizing on-premise alcohol consumption.
Sales Tax Permit
Required to sell any type of product. Issued by the state, and never needs to be renewed.

LaBarba Permit Service: Cutting Red Tape Since 1965℠

Since 1965 LaBarba Permit Service has obtained thousands of liquor permits for a wide range of convenience and grocery stores, pharmacies, lounges, bars, restaurants, taverns, breweries, and dance halls. The LaBarba staff has the knowledge, experience, and strong working relationship with the TABC necessary to sucessfully acquire your permit.


Dance hall licenses must be renewed with the city each year.

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